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Monthly Archives: January 2012

One of the more popular new cosmetics product out recently is the “age spot” remover. These brown spots on the skin are not called age spots because you are growing older.

AGE stands for Advanced glycation end-product.
Translation: your body cannot handle all the sugar you are eating. You can think of it like the sugar is carmalizing under your skin.
Understand when I say sugar, I am also referring to carbs. Carbohydrates are a bunch of sugars all connected together. Some of the worst offenders are bagels, breads, pasta and rice.
Brown skin spots are minor considering what unstable blood sugar can do to your body. Internal inflammation, hormone imbalance, elevated triglycerides, PCOS, excessive weight, osteoarthritis, fatigue are just some of the symptoms.
Stablizing blood sugar relies heavily on getting enough protein and avoiding carbs. There are several diets that follow this basic idea; Phase II diet, Paleo diet, Mediterranean diet. The short version is protein and vegetables for every meal and get off the grains and sugar.