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Health Lessons


Back to school often means the start of what we call the cold and flu season. With so many children sharing space, germs are inevitably part of the equation.  Conventional wisdom urges us to fear the germs and teaches us that the only way to keep yourself and your family healthy is to scrub, disinfect, … Continue reading BACK TO SCHOOL GERMS

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Spring Allergy Guide

SPRING ALLERGY GUIDE If you suffer with seasonal allergies you know springtime brings challenges!  Sneezing, itchy eyes, congestion, and fatigue during the spring are symptoms many allergy sufferers are familiar with.  They are also signs that your body could use support as allergies are a barometer for the overall strength of your immune system.  The … Continue reading Spring Allergy Guide

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Muscle Soreness

“Just take an Advil” I recently shared with another health care provider that I had started a new, intense workout program. I shared that the soreness of my muscles was something I had to stay on top of.  She responded, “Just take one Advil before and one Advil after.”  This is a very common response … Continue reading Muscle Soreness

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Sick care vs. Health care

There has been a lot of uncertainty with health insurance lately surrounding the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare). Debating the pros and cons of the new law is an important conversation to have, but the current discussion seems to overlook some very important issues.  It is time for an overall paradigm shift … Continue reading Sick care vs. Health care

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Body Messages – Brown Skin Spots

One of the more popular new cosmetics product out recently is the “age spot” remover. These brown spots on the skin are not called age spots because you are growing older. AGE stands for Advanced glycation end-product. Translation: your body cannot handle all the sugar you are eating. You can think of it like the … Continue reading Body Messages – Brown Skin Spots

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Infertility & Breast cancer

I opened my internet this morning to see a story about Guiliana Rancic and her decision to undergo a double masectomy. I have followed her and her husband’s struggle with infertility over the years but I had not heard that she was fighting breast cancer. Sadly, I wasn’t surprised. So what does breast cancer have … Continue reading Infertility & Breast cancer

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