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Health Lessons

The Problem with Plastic Bags

The plastic bags we get at the grocery store, office supply store, electronic store, etc., will exist on earth for 1,000 years before decomposing. The bags’ petroleum-based plastic contaminate the environment and the food chain. -September 2007 San Francisco banned plastic bags -July 2010 Los Angeles will ban plastic shopping bags from stores -China put … Continue reading The Problem with Plastic Bags

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Ban Drug Ads on Television

I received an email from a colleague on a topic that I feel very strongly about. We are inundated with pharmaceutical ads on our TV everyday encouraging patients to “Ask your doctor about…”. With the recall of many drugs like Vioxx and Baycol, it is obvious that the FDA isn’t doing enough to fully research … Continue reading Ban Drug Ads on Television

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Starting a Blog

I have decided to set up a blog to share important health information that I come across along with answering common questions from friends, family and patients I hope you find it helpful

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