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Monthly Archives: January 2009

Attention all mothers, you have powerful instincts…use them!

We all know that animals in the wild often only have their instincts but for some reason we believe that because we have brains our instincts should be ignored. Moms are bombarded daily with decisions about their children. Sometimes it is something as small as when to put shoes on a baby to choosing whether or when to vaccinate. Your instincts have nothing to do with your knowledge on a particular topic, it is the feeling, the voice, the pause that is your queue. Your instincts need a workout, when you start to listen to them, you become more confident which leads to stronger feelings and more trust in the gift. Moms tell me all the time that “something didn’t sound right” or “I just had a feeling” but they are intimidated by somebody with maybe more education, more children or just more opinions. Be brave and your instincts will lead the way.